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Our experience is unique not just because of the rich human resources that constitute our workforce, but also the spirit and the ethos of commitment, resourcefulness and disruptive creativity that underscores how we deliver on our value proposition and achieve shared goals.

We freely admit to loving who we are and what we do. The pride we take in our organization and the common knowledge that we are telling an African success story to an international audience is one of our greatest strengths and the secret sauce in our recipe for global expansion and transformative change.

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We are transformational through creativity, determination and relationship building. Thus, we persevere, pushing through every limitation in the pursuit of value creation, turning the mundane into the extraordinary.

Smile Global Empire continues to grow its vision of becoming the leading provider of its services in Nigeria & Africa.  We continue to sustain and improve on our market leadership in Event Packaging & Promoting, Event Ticketing, Radio & TV Production, Real Estate (Building, Buying & Selling of Lands and Properties), Taxi Services, Stage, Light, Sound and Screen Services. In line with our philosophy, we will continue to provide the basic needs of Nigerians.

  • To stay focused on our vision.
  • To maintain integrity in our dealings.
  • Pursue our objectives towards excellence with endless determination.
  • Reward loyalty as the foundation of excellence.
  • Discipline in the pursuit of our mission.
  • Committed to building a sustainable business.

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