Giving Wings To Aspirations

At the heart of Smile Global Empire’s business objectives, lies an unwavering commitment to promoting good corporate citizenship across the globe. This is achieved through Smile Global Foundation – the vehicle for the Group’s Personal and Corporate Social Responsibility (PCSR initiatives. The activities of Smile Global Foundation are aimed at empowering the communities where we operate in a sustainable, transparent and efficient manner.

Focus Areas

Smile Global Foundation’s CSR approach is centered on the Extrapreneurship Concept. This concept involves creating value through leveraging internal and external strengths to drive cross-sectoral collaboration by connecting the right people and organizations towards providing sustainable solutions to global social problems in the areas of Health, Education & Capacity Building, Environment and Sustainable Development.

The core of the extrapreneurship framework is ‘to create a platform that finds, creates and connects young extrapreneurs in emerging markets’. This will be achieved by leveraging on Smile Global Foundation’s key strength of bringing together various committed stakeholders through a platform that will promote cross-sectoral collaboration thereby creating and preserving wealth.

Over the next five years (2018- 2023), Smile Global Foundation plans to directly impact 5,000,000 Nigerian youth and also create value through the identification, development and maintenance of relevant stakeholders through which beneficiaries can grow and sustain businesses. This will be driven through a dedicated online platform.

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